"The skin is an organ and should be respected accordingly " The Skin Nerd

I believe that everything we put on our skin whether it is for skincare or makeup, has an effect on our skin, our health (up to 60% is being absorbed through our skin and into our bloodstream), our environment and our wellbeing. Therefore, all the products I use are cruelty free, vegan and contain cleaner product formulations.

Cruelty-Free” means the ingredients and the final product have not been tested on animals by the brand itself or a third party, and they do not trade in countries like China, where testing is required by law.

Vegan” means the products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients or by-products.


Using cleaner beauty products and being more sustainable is a work in progress for me as I continually research, test and select every item that I put into my kit so that it is of the highest quality, kinder to our skin and fits within the ethos of my business. 

At the moment the products in my kit do not contain the following ingredients however this list can change as I keep up to date with the changes in the makeup and skincare industry:

  • synthetic parfum/fragrance

  • parabens

  • synthetic colours

  • mineral oil/petroleum

  • talc

  • sulfates (SLS and SLES)


The brands I am currently using include:


  • Pestle and Mortar

  • Oakei Beauty

  • Danessa Myricks

  • Hourglass Cosmetics

  • Ilia Beauty

  • Charlotte Tilbury

  • Zoeva Cosmetics

  • Glossier

  • Milk Makeup

  • Aether Beauty

  • MyKitCo

  • Westbarn Co.

  • Refy Beauty

A question a lot of my clients ask me is; "Are products which are vegan, cruelty free and cleaner as high quality and long lasting as the bigger global brands on the market?"

My answer is always YES !  There is little to no difference when it comes to color payoff, blendability, and coverage when I compare cleaner formulas to traditional formulas.

​If you would like to hear more about choosing vegan, cruelty free or cleaner makeup or skincare products please contact me.

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