• Do you feel like you are stuck in a rut for years with the same skincare and makeup routine?
  • Have you ever wanted to understand which makeup products or makeup styles work for you and your lifestyle?
  • Has your skin or style changed in recent years and you want a fresh approach to your skincare and makeup?
  • Do you want to detox your skincare and makeup routine and choose cleaner alternatives?


With my tailored makeup lessons which I customize to your requirements, you can give yourself the tools, learn techniques and get advice to complement your lifestyle.

Personalized One on One Skincare & Makeup Lesson
Suitable for :

  • all ages
  • those wishing to update or refresh your look
  • those wanting to learn new techniques
  • those wanting to refresh their skincare and makeup routine
  • those who want to choose products that are vegan and/or cruelty free and products that are kinder to your skin


Examples of topics for the lesson:

  • skincare/makeup edit or declutter (going through what products you have, what you can use and what you may need to throw out).
  • learning about vegan and cruelty free products, giving you all the information on what brands to avoid and what brands I recommend.
  • information on what ingredients in makeup to avoid and what ingredients can benefit your skin.
  • assess your current skincare and makeup routine
  • how to do your own makeup in a way that fits your personality, style and lifestyle
  • creating a “no makeup makeup look”
  • turning daytime look to an evening look
  • how to enhance your best features, complimenting your hair/eye colors and skin tone


Lessons can be tailored to suit your specific needs. Typically a lesson is 1hour 30 minutes however this can be tailored to your requirements.

After our lesson I will email a personalized Face Chart with all the products we have used throughout our lesson and products I recommend you purchase.

Whether you want to refresh your look, switch to cruelty free and/or vegan skincare and makeup products or want to learn new techniques, contact me by filling out the contact form with your details or get in touch directly and we can discuss your requirements.

I look forward to hearing from you.